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We are representing the most cost efficient solutions in the market for training of your officers and crew using virtual learning spaces as well as learning apps that helps put high performance into practice via on-going engagement after the training sessions.
If you are looking for an effective, flexible and cheaper maritime satcom data solutions with reliable support we are representing the best solution available in the market today.


Kanda want to make technical training engaging, easily accessible and fun.
They do this by developing immersive digital learning applications that enable collaborative teamwork across platforms via Virtual Reality.

Marine Performer

Marine Performer features world-class leadership training framework devoted to making an unparalleled impact in your organisation from ship to shore.



Blue C Mobile

Historically maritime satcom data solutions have been complex, inflexible and expensive.
At Blue C Mobile their mission is to provide simple, affordable and flexible solutions with reliable support giving you peace of mind to concentrate on running your business.

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