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Maritime and Decarbonisation

When you need answers to commercial questions and market developments, insights to business opportunities, or solutions to commercial or operational problems, we deliver well researched, expertly considered intelligence and advice. RFA-Corp can also assist you in your efforts to reach the Decarbonisation targets so you do your part in solving the global climate changes and climate crisis.

Complicated Business

Not just for ship owners, operators and port authorities but for any organisation involved in maritime business activities, logistics providers, corporate financiers, legal advisers, insurance companies, governments and more Shipping is an important yet complicated business. Companies and consumers depend on the shipping industry to carry and deliver goods, and to maintain trade relations among countries. The high cost of shipping assets combined with the fluctuating and often volatile freight markets create the need for in depth knowledge and highly skilled analysis to ensure that the right decisions are taken.

Client’s Objectives

Due considerations to our client’s objectives we will give a well-founded opinion and recommendation to investment opportunities, price points, commercial and operational solutions etc.